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roach selfieroach (aka Raechel Henderson) has lived most of her life in the cage of other people’s eyes. She dyes her hair pink because what is the point of having hair if you can’t look like a superhero? Currently she is dealing with mental health issues including depression and anxiety (with a dash of panic attacks thrown in for flavor). She is married to a super hot warrior-poet, and is mother to two brilliant children.  Her goal with this blog is to chronicle her attempt at healing herself, and living a creative life.

Her current guiding principles are:

1) We live in a Schrödinger’s reality (and/also), not a Newtonian reality (either/or).

2) Kindness is the most important quality.




Viking Dad

Viking Dad (aka Stephan Kelly or Dad the Viking), has lived most of his life in a state of transience, moving from state to state in an effort to gain experience, loot and renown.  Now that he’s older (and presumably wiser for all that experience) he’s become quite a bit less transient (having lived in the same place now for over six years).  He is married to an awesome pink-haired dual-classed seamstress/shield maiden and is raising two incredibly creative (not to mention unrestrained) children to live a creative lifestyle.  This blog is not only an expression of that desire, but a record, an archive for those children and those children’s children to learn about the trials and tribulations of leading such a lifestyle.

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