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Client Spotlight: A.C.

As a rule I don’t do wedding attire: either sewing dresses or alterations.  I’ve made an exception in the past because the bride wasn’t looking for your typical wedding gown.  But, there are many sewists that specialize in weddings, and I’d rather leave the bridezilla wrangling to them.  However, when A.C. approached me with a wedding request I immediately agreed.

A.C. is non-binary and wanted to wear a suit for their wedding.  The idea and outfit were too unique to pass up.  I’ve also heard from several trans people about how hard it is to find sewists willing to work with them, which was another reason to say yes to the (non)dress.

We met on a Wednesday for A.C. to hand off the fabric and to discuss the details.  Thanks to the kids being in school I had time to make sure that the house was tidy.  A.C. brought Irish Breakfast Tea and I had my Pandora Celtic station on in the background.  With the exception of Trixie being a brat and insisting she get attention, the meeting was as close to my ideal as possible.  We’d discussed the suit before, so this was more of a chance to make those informal conversations concrete.

McCall's 7952 Vest and Pants Pattern
The pattern in question. Check out how fierce the one in white is.

The pattern A.C. provided is an out of print McCall’s vest and pants pattern.  They decided on a white matte satin material, with a shiny, very light satin for the collar contrast.  A.C. wants to have an outfit that is special for the wedding, but also one they can wear later, to other occasions.  I’m a big fan of this idea.  I did the whole dropping a few hundred on a wedding dress that has sat in storage since the big day, and I regret it.

Despite the “non-traditional” aspect of their wedding ensemble, there was a lot of discussion of the usual nuptial trappings.  One of the things we talked about was making a pocket square from the contrast material for A.C.’s groom to wear.  Before they left, I had measurements, the pattern, and materials; and I had scheduled the work for the month of October.

We also chatted about their work on a Pearl cosplay.

Ultimately, this is what I like: making clothes for people who can’t find what they want off the rack.  The work is never boring, challenging sometimes, but never boring.  I’ll post an update later this month with pictures of the finished outfit.

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