New Home. New Workshop.

Finding Home

Solstice this year is a low-key affair. We’re still recovering from the upsets and disruptions of 2018. Half of the last few months have been spent realizing all the things we left behind when we moved. For example: the book tree has been built, Santa Hulk and his Little Helper are out, but the lights didn’t make the move. Neither did the stockings, fortunately, my mother sent along two for the kids when she shipped out the annual box of gifts.

Our book tree for this year doubled as a way to store books after we had to leave a lot of our shelves behind.
Our book tree for this year doubled as a way to store books after we had to leave a lot of our shelves behind.
Despite these issues, we’re settling in to the new place. The house is the nicest I’ve ever lived in. My workshop is in a finished basement. We can actually park a car in the garage. In many ways we are better off now than we were a year ago. Every day I am reminded that while change is scary it is also necessary. I clung to the house for so long because I was afraid of what life would be like outside of it. And while some of my predictions did come true, I have found ways to work around them.

We are sharing the house with two friends. It keeps the bills down and ensures there are always people available for D&D sessions.

And I have been working with Hestia over the last few months. Cooking meals for everyone, keeping house, making sure people are taken care of: I find myself playing a role that I hadn’t wanted years ago. Today it feels right. Next year I might feel differently. Who knows?

Honey and Apples
The first things I brought into the house when we moved in were apples and honey from Wyoming.
The goal is to make this house as welcoming and safe as possible. After a year of uncertainty, creating an island of warmth and stability is my focus. The other parts of my life–writing, sewing, etc.–have all fit in around that goal.

My pagan sewing book, Sew Witchy, is due out in August 2019. While I await the final cover art to share, I am working on a fantasy novel, and putting together notes for another pagan book. I worked out a collapsible dice tray, and booked two events for next year. I am working at a pace that is less frantic, less concerned with filling quotas and more focused on how I feel as I work.

So far, it works. Again, change is inevitable and maybe it won’t always work. It feels like the right recipe for making this house a home, though.

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roach (aka Raechel Henderson) is a dual class seamstress / shieldmaiden. She has sewn professionally since 2008. Over the years she has traveled around the Midwest region selling her handmade bags, skirts, coats and accessories at various events and conventions. Arachne hangs out in the window of her workshop reminding her to check the tension on the sewing machines. She writes about magic, creativity, living a life by one’s own life patterns, her family and books. Her first book, Sew Witchy, is due out December 2019 from Llewellyn.