Heartfelt Wreath

Heartfelt Wreath Craft Tutorial

One of the things you learn when you sell at conventions is that you will invariably have downtime.  You’ll find yourself sitting in your booth with no customers around.  You have one of two choices: either sit there, staring at everyone who wanders by with that hungry look of “Come buy from meeeee!” or you can find busy work that keeps the aura of desperation at bay.  I quickly took up playing with felt in between customers.  I started off just making little creatures for my daughter from the Aranzi Cute Stuff Book.  Soon I moved on to making less little kid friendly projects: Gothic Love Charms, Poisoned Posies and the like.

Which is where this tutorial comes in.  I found myself with some leftover green felt from the pumpkins project.  I already had some red on hand, and I needed a wreath for the holiday season.  Thus, the Heartfelt* Wreath was born.

What you will need:

1 12″ x 6″ piece of red felt

1 12″ x 6″ piece of green felt

1 12″ x 6″ piece of craft weight interfacing

1 skein red embroidery thread

1 skein green embroidery thread

Embroidery needle


1 10″ x 10″ piece of foam poster board

A piece of ribbon or cording

Heartfelt Wreath Craft Template
Don’t print this image, it won’t be properly sized. Click the image and use the PDF pattern.

Not necessary, but nice to have on hand: Hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint schnapps, some festive holiday music.

Start by printing out the template for the hearts and cut them out.  The heart for the craft weight interfacing is slightly smaller than the felt as you’ll be whipstitching the felt around it.

Cut 12 hearts of the craft weight interfacing.  Cut 12 hearts out of green felt and 12 out of the red felt.  I just place the template on the felt and interfacing and trace around it with a pen.


Whipstitch the two pieces of felt together, enclosing the craft interfacing.

Sandwich an interfacing heart in between two green hearts. Use 6 strands of the red embroidery thread to whipstitch the felt together.  Run the tail ends of the embroidery thread between the interfacing and felt to anchor it.  Do the same for the other hearts, using the green embroidery thread for the red hearts.  You should end up with 6 green hearts and 6 red for a total of 12 hearts.




Heartfelt Wreath Craft Base
Anything stiff but lightweight can be used for the ring: cardboard, Styrofoam, chipboard, etc. Here I used some foam poster board we had hanging around.

Now get your foam poster board, cardboard, whatever you are using.  Draw a circle with a 9″ diameter.  Draw another circle inside the first with an 8″ diameter.  Using an x-acto knife cut both circles out so that you are left with a ring.  This  will be your wreath base.






Heartfelt Wreath Craft Closeup
Don’t glue the hearts down all the way to the edges. You want to leave just a little bit of play on at least one heart for the ribbon hanger.

Arrange the hearts, point side in, on the base.  This is a fiddly bit as you have to arrange the hearts just so to get them all to fit.  Once you have them arranged on the base glue them down.  I used hot glue, but white glue or any other craft glue will work.  Pick which heart will be your top.  Don’t glue that one at the edges.  You need a little play there for the cord to hang the wreath.

You are almost done! Once the glue is dry, cut a piece of ribbon about 10″ long.  The wreath isn’t very heavy so it doesn’t need a heavy duty ribbon.  I used a piece of satin rattail cording I had lying around.  Run the cording between the felt and the wreath base on either side of one of the hearts.  Knot the cording together to create a loop.  This is your hanger.


Heartfelt Wreath Closeup Back
The cording loops between the heart and the ring to provide a way to hang your lovely wreath.


Go ahead and hang your wreath!  If you make this wreath, post a picture in the comments.  This is my first ever tutorial, so if anything is unclear, please let me know and I’ll edit as necessary.

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*I’m pun avoidant, but when I posted pictures of the finished wreath my friend Amanda dubbed it a “heartfelt gift” and I found that I’m okay with sewing related puns.

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