Scenes from a Marriage: Valentine’s Day

roach and Stephan are discussing Valentine’s Day.

Stephan: I’m good this year, I made you a bracelet.

roach: Yeah, and I didn’t get you anything.  Although … I did bear you a son.

Stephan: That’s true.  You’re good for gifts for a long while.

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roach (aka Raechel Henderson) has lived most of her life in the cage of other people's lives. She dyes her hair pink because what is the point of having hair if you can't look like a superhero? Currently she is dealing with mental health issues, including depression and anxiety (with a dash of panic attacks thrown in for flavor). She is married to a super hot warrior-poet and is the mother to two brilliant children. Her goal with this blog is to chronicle her attempt at healing herself, and living a creative and happy life.