VikingDad Pro-Tip #13 (Holiday Eating)

So, with the holidays here, our house (dubbed “The Hollow”) is becoming filled with an assortment of wonderfully delicious (and highly caloric) goodies.  In order to combat my low-impulse control when it comes to things like cookies, fudge, the shield-maiden’s banana bread, etc… I have instituted this wonderful little regimen and hopefully it will help you all as well:

Every time I want a <insert delectable here>, I do 50 push-ups and a one-minute plank.  If, after that (roughly two minutes of exercise) I still want the <insert delectable here>, I can have it and have earned it.

That said, today I’m currently up to 100 push-ups and two minutes of plank.

While that number is my number, it may not be the number for you, so please, if this is something that appeals to you, find two exercises that you enjoy and stay within the parameters of fatigue.  i recommend, however, that one of those activities be something ab/core related, which is why I love planks.

Anyroad, hope this helps and Happy Holidays!