VikingDad – Minecraft Blues #16 – Creeper

So, no kidding, there I was…

Just with any different media delivery systems of a particular game (whether PC, Console or Tablet) each one has its own idiosyncrasies.  We have Minecraft for the Xbox 360 edition as well as for the Tablet (called Pocket Edition).  I’ve tried to work it on my PC, but I have an outdated and sorely in need of being replaced desktop computer and it is horribly slow, to the point of generating a lag-induced coma.

That’s not the point of today’s story, however.  The point is that different versions have different methods of game parameters, say, like how to turn Mobs (aka hostile creatures) on and off. So, when you, say, play a game in the wee hours of the morning with Mobs on and then your daughter decides to start up your profile so that the two of you can play together that same evening, (but doesn’t pay attention to whether or not Mobs were on or off) it shouldn’t surprise you to find, as you’re headed to fetch a bucket of lava for your furnace in your previously saved “Peaceful” game (aka Mobs are turned off) so that you can continue the arduous task of creating a sky bridge to high above the world for ease of monster free access for when you DO turn monsters back on, a creeper waiting for you around the corner of your water elevator (aka a waterfall that you can ride up and down)… and yet it did… To deadly effect.

So, those 8 blocks (a block contains 64 of an item) of glass I was carrying (that wasn’t destroyed in the explosion), which, granted, is not that hard (but time consuming) to make, fell into the lava pit below and was destroyed.

Now granted, I was a bit upset and I felt justifiably so, since it took a lot of time to craft the glass blocks (from smelting sand in a furnace), not to mention both the large number of blocks of Netherrack (a red flammable stone that I used to line either side of the sky bridge, with the glass cubes in the middle so you can see down) and iron buckets I was carrying were lost as well.  Still, I remembered the advice I later gave to my sister to give to my niece, Sadie, who is an expert Minecrafter.   You can remake it better.  Sadie, who made a beautiful three story wooden lodge in Minecraft recently tried to make an addition of a sauna, using lava.  Unfortunately, the lava caught the wood on fire and utterly devastated both the house and her.  Hang in there, Sadie, I feel your pain. Keep calm and keep on building!

In any case, instead of turning the evening into a ragequit and horrid pity party for my lost resources, we decided to give back as good as we got.  Well, OK, not even as close as we got since I died like five times that night, but it was a bit therapeutic to beat the heck out of some zombies, skeletons, and, of course, creepers (VENGENCE IS MINE!!!!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES MR. CREEPER!?!?!?!?!?!?!)



Also, since we’ve just downloaded the Skyrim mash-up pack for the Xbox 360 Minecraft, we’ve not returned to that world and been busy exploring the new one. I’ll keep you posted, though, on our progress.