A holiday garland made from toilet paper rolls, crayons, glue and embroidery thread.

Toilet Paper Roll Garland Tutorial

If you’ve been saving your toilet paper rolls for seed starter pots and find yourself with still more rolls than you have use for, make a pretty holiday garland.  Little crafters can help with some of the construction, so they can feel part of the holiday decorations.  The idea of this garland was inspired by toilet paper roll flowers pictures here.  Coloring them green and red give them a festive feel.

What you will need:

10 empty toilet paper rolls – make sure they are clean of paper, excess glue, etc.

Red and green crayons


Binder clips or clothespins

Embroidery thread or yarn in brown, red or green

Embroidery needle

Scissors and a ruler

Not necessary but nice to have on hand: 1 part butterscotch schnapps + 1 part Irish cream + a splash of milk.

Start by flattening the toilet paper roll.  Color both sides with the crayons, or have your crafty helpers take on coloring duties.  You want 5 green and 5 red rolls.

Next, cut the rolls into 1″ lengths.  I used my paper cutter, but you can do this with scissors.  You’ll end up with four sections, one that’s slightly wider than the others.  You can either trim the wider length down to 1″ or let it be.  It’s just a matter of how much of a perfectionist you are, and/or how much of your drink you’ve gone through at this point.

Now that you have your sections, you are ready to assemble your flowers/stars.   If you are using hot glue, you can just hold the petals as you glue them together until the glue sets.  If you are using other glue, use the binder clips to hold the petals together while the glue dries.

Once you have assembled all the flowers, you are ready to string them together.  Use your embroidery needle to poke holes in one petal of two flowers.  Run six strands of embroidery thread (or yarn, ribbon, etc.) up through the first petal and then down through the holes of the second petal.  Pull them together so that they are close but not overlapping.  You want there to be a little play between the flowers.  Tie the thread in a double knot and cut the excess thread.

Continue connecting the flowers.  At each end, make a loop from the thread to hang the garland.  Viola!  You are done!

This makes a 40″ long garland.  Each flower is 5 1/4″ long.  Add or subtract flowers to make a garland the length you need.

Picture gallery.  Because my instructions might not be the most clear, or because some might find pictures more helpful, below are step-by-step picture instructions.

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