True Tales From Conventions: Touching Myself

The first convention I vended at was ICC 2008.  I had driven out to Detroit with a box full of scarves and bags.  I was nervous as hell: I was getting divorced, I had been out of the job market for four years, 2008 was … well 2008, and I was unsure how I was going to support myself and my daughter.

I spent the weekend sitting at a table with my friend Sarah B, taking a crash course in how to vend.  I learned first hand about the weird, frantic energy that comes with interacting with a lot of people in a small space.  Add in not enough food, not enough rest, not enough breaks and you get the following:

roach (talking to a customer about a scarf): Yes, I love the tactile nature of the material.  You just can’t help but touch yourself when you wear it.

Sarah B: roach!  (Sarah B physically inserts herself between roach and the customer and sends roach to the corner to sew beads on bags.)

The moral of the story is: always have a friend who is willing to intervene when your filter comes loose.

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