VikingDad – Minecraft Blues #74 – Tools, Lava and Death

The shield-maiden often laughs aloud when our ten-year old daughter and I play Minecraft together on the Xbox 360.  Here is one of the situations that caused one such outburst:

She and I were deep underground, digging around some lava pools (aka Layer 11, where all the goodies are) and her avatar inadvertently fell into one of the lava pools and burned to death before we could get any water on her, though it was not her in-game death that was outburst worthy… it’s what came after.

Now, I should set the scene before I go into much more detail.  We had found a naturally formed cave, had limited tools (as we were burning through them collecting all the goodies) and were a good distance away from our home (which she built, looks awesome but seems to draw mobs like there’s no tomorrow)… a home that is FULL of useful things like wood and tools, by the way.  This will be important later, so remember this.  In any case, we had no crafting table, no wood, no chests, and our inventory bars were pretty full with all sorts of natural resources like Iron ore, gold ore, diamonds, etc.  While we had all that great stuff, we could do nothing with it.  Now, back to the scene:

So we were mining in this cavern, me on one side and her on the other with the cavern floor interspersed with lava pools.  We are playing split screen, so I could, if I had wanted, see what she’s doing and vice versa.  At that time, I was pretty focused on not dropping a ton of gravel on my head and not really paying attention to her side of the screen until I hear her go, “Ouch… oh FUDGE! Help help help…”

I look to her side of the screen just in time to see an immolated Tuxedo Steve (her chosen skin) hop out of the lava pool and continue to jump up and down in the same spot, repeatedly (something I do NOT recommend for someone who is actually on fire).   Inevitably, Tuxedo Steve succumbs to the flames and perishes, the avatar vomiting a plethora of natural resources and stone that had about as much mass as the Sun.

“Get my stuff, get my stuff…” She frantically yelled, even though we were sitting next to one another.

“OK OK…”  I chuckled as I started doing the dance of emptying out the less useful items out of my inventory (and into the lava pool) to make room for the important ones (to her) while NOT falling into the lava pool and suffering a similar fate.  I was successful in both.

A minute or so later a freshly re-spawned Tuxedo Steve is down in the mines as I finished my dumping and gathering.  I toss her the stuff and then ask if she brought anything down with her.

There was a pause.  Remember that thing I told you to remember from earlier?  Yeah, it’s important now.

“Did you bring anything with you?” I asked, hopeful for some wood at least, to build a crafting table and a chest to avoid this setback in the future.

“I brought a shovel…”

“A shovel… A… Ah… A singular shovel.”


“You went all the way back to our house… where all our tools and resources are, and all you brought back with you was a single shovel?”



So, remember kids, when you are mining with a partner and one of you dies, use that opportunity to bring supplies back down into the mine with you.  It will save time and mean you can get more resources so you don’t have to make a separate trip back.

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