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Sewing Tin Oracle

Create a charm casting oracle using a cookie tin, some felt and silver paint. Work a little sewing magick into your pagan practice.

It seems like there is a form of divination for everything. There are the usual suspects: reading tea leaves (tasseomancy) and Tarot cards (cartomancy), fire gazing (pyromancy) and bird watching (augury). And there are more esoteric divination methods like spatilomancy (reading portents in animal excrement), tyromancy (divination by cheese), and belomancy (prophesying via arrows). Basically, if it is something humans can observe, they’ve made a way to tell the future from it. 

Cleromancy is a divination method that involves casting lots. Subsets of this method include runes and bones, thus the saying “Throwing the bones.” Another method, charm casting, has become popular over the last few years. The Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris is one example. The benefit of charm casting is that it provides a lot of room for personalization with regards to readings. You choose what charms you want to use and ascribe meaning to them. That flexibility can also be a drawback if you aren’t used to providing your own meaning and interpretation in divination. 

Being the big ole sewing nerd that I am, I immediately saw the potential for putting my own spin on charm casting.  I also got to play with one of the most common jokes in the sewing world: the true contents of holiday cookie tins. Even if you don’t sew, you are probably aware that shortbread cookie tins rarely actually hold cookies. They are often, instead, filled with sewing supplies (or in the case of my grandmother’s tin, buttons). I saw the opportunity to reject that reality and replace it with one of my own. One in which the tin opened not to a tangle of thread and fabric scissors, but to a throwing mat and silver charms. With that in mind, I present to you the Sewing Tin Oracle. 

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Spoopy Felt Skulls

Celebrate your love of Halloween by making some spoopy felt skulls. Can be worn as barrettes, pins or charms.

Spooky cute is my Halloween aesthetic. Chubby checked ghosts, kittens dressed as witches, and all things spoopy are what I like in my decor and media. Not that I don’t have limits. I once had to nix Ben’s idea of Chibi Slenderman for a Halloween costume. Other than that, though, nothing is too cute. Thus is this week’s craft: spoopy felt skulls.

Spell for Keeping or Strengthening Your Resolve

A simple sewing spell to help you keep and strengthen your resolve when you face difficulties. All you need is a needle, thread and button.

Buttons, when used as fasteners, are associated with the element of Earth. They keep things together and secure. Tap into that energy to help you keep or strengthen your resolve.

This spell works best if the button is functional, but if that isn’t possible, add the button as a decorative touch or even in the hem or lining of the garment where it won’t be notice. Pick a button and thread that match the existent buttons (or you can even remove a button and sew it back on). If you are adding it to a hidden spot on the garment, you can choose a metal button to double up the earth energies of the button.

Autumn is for Letting Go Header

Autumn is for Letting Go

Spell for letting go that which no longer serves you. Good for releasing emotions, thoughts, habits, etc. taking up space in your life.

Last year I wrote how Autumn is for mending. This year, as I’ve been doing a lot of introspection and work on my emotional and mental health, I am approaching Autumn with an added perspective. Autumn is the time of the harvest, and once some farmers have brought in their crops they set fire to the stubble to clear it for the next season. I’ve found my thoughts turn to the idea of clearing the landscape as the temperature has dropped.

One insight that I’ve been mulling over this year is that I need to release the bitterness that fuels obsessive thoughts. I can often fall into a pattern of dwelling on past events, replaying memories over and over again with new commentary or coming up with new responses. The exercise is pointless. I can’t go back in time to change things, and more importantly I am not going to get an apology or closure from those who harmed me. Fixating on those past instances only keeps me stuck, unable to let go.

I’ve come to recognize my reluctance to let go of my bitterness because doing so might be construed as exonerating those who harmed me. It has taken me several months to get comfortable with the idea that releasing that rancor doesn’t deny or forgive the harm done to me in the past. It clears the way for more useful thoughts and emotions to grow.

All of these realizations, brought about by introspection and therapy, have been key to discerning the ways I can bring witchcraft into my healing.