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So 2015 was supposed to be the year I returned to sewing and started living a more creative life. How did that work out? More or less okay.

I overestimated how well I was, thinking that my mental health was fine now that I was on medication. That wasn’t really the case, though. I spent most of 2015 battling my anxiety, at times unable to leave the house. Since I was working from home, that wasn’t a deal breaker. But it made getting supplies, sending off packages and the like more difficult. Not impossible, but requiring a greater amount of scheduling and having things go right.

The depression was a bigger problem to contend with. It would sap me of motivation and energy. Coupled with the insomnia, I had to fight for every productive moment for the first half of the year. It has only been in the last two months that I have found myself more often stable than not.

On the financial front, things fared about the same. My grand plans for a limited number of large conventions hit speed bumps. Two of them costing me money. Those pretty much knocked the wind out of me economically speaking. It’s only been in the last month that I have caught up on my bills. But you aren’t here for value updates on how the year went. You want the nitty gritty. Just how much money did I make on this quest to earn a living by my creative endeavors?

When it is all said and done I made a gross income of $3,858.86. My expenses equaled $3,976.53. So my year ended in the red by about $120. Up until I paid for my Anime Midwest booth I was in the black for six months of the year, though. Not great, but not catastrophic. How did I make my money?

Etsy Sales$759.21
Direct Sales*$1,475.50

With that $120 in the hole sitting there, the question some might ask is: Why are you going to keep this up in 2016? I’m asking a different question: Having made almost $1,500 in convention and direct sales with two awful events as part of the mix, how much more could I earn vending at two larger, more established events this year.

* The include sales at conventions as well as sales to people who contacted me directly rather than through Etsy.
** Stuff sold on E-bay, E-book formatting work, etc.

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