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It started with a late night Facebook post:

I was half joking, half serious. My friends, however, were way serious. People immediately started suggesting and calling dibs on songs. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I responded with how I saw the various songs translated into fabric, lace and trim. Today I sketched out the ideas. Up until now I’ve been making bustles from fabric I have sitting around the workshop. I throw the scraps together and then document the result. Plotting out a bustle from scratch, without having limitations in place of existing fabric, was a bit daunting. Fortunately, I had caffeine and an extensive Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac music collection to see me through the drafting process. I present to you those bustles. Right now they only exist on paper, but if anyone wants to commission one I’m ready to bring them to three dimensional life.


This one is pretty self explanatory: blue and white satin with drapes and a pleated jabot.

Gold Dust Woman

Okay, don’t let the sketch fool you, this bustle really would look cool. I’m taking a page from another bustle I made: The Green Fairy is a *%#@! Tattered Bustle. I think the tattered, layered look fits the song. The gold netting would give it even more “foof” and an even messier look.


I bought myself some fancy watercolor pencils last weekend and was really excited to use them on these drafts. They’re awesome. However, they’re not really useful when I’m drawing just black or white bustles. This song has always had a raven feel for me so I want to incorporate that into the bustle. I have black crushed taffeta listed because I like the texture of it, but I might instead go with a two toned black and green taffeta instead. I spent some time on research into feather trim this afternoon. Raven feathers are a no go, of course, so cock feathers are probably the way to go.

Stand Back

Because this is such a strong song, I want to do something different with this bustle. I features a drape, which I’ve used before, but also a short bustled “skirt”. And due to it’s link to Prince, it has a purple and black palette. As you can see from the swatches, it’ll be a bit difficult to match the two purples, so I might just stick with the two toned taffeta on the top. and drop the damask flocked taffeta. Both the drape and the bustle will be edged with black lace.

Edge of Seventeen

White Swiss dot cotton (along with the canvas flounces) would help keep a floof in the bustle. The bow would either be out of the same cotton or satin. The feather trim would probably be more cock feathers.


I need the stiffest netting I can find for this bustle. Gold studs will be set in throughout the flounces. This will be an angry, dramatic bustle.

The Chain

The chains on the bustled short skirt might be a bit on the nose, but I can’t help it.


I got really good at drawing cascading flounces while I worked on these.

Seven Wonders

It’s going to be tricky to find the right kind of lace for this. I thought of going with rainbow hues, but I don’t want it to come off as twee.

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