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There is a special magic in introducing favorites to each other. I got to do that a couple of months ago when I took one of my favorite people, Moira, to one of my favorite places in Chicago, the Textile Discount Outlet. It’s three stores of fabric, trim and notions stuffed into a poorly ventilated, crowded and meandering warehouse. You can find boxes of zippers, bra fasteners, lace scraps, rolls of church brocade, velvet ribbons, toggles, brads, bells and beads. It is a sewist’s fever dream and I love it so very much. Something I found there prompted thoughts of a different kind of magic.

While poking around the upper floor I came across a bolt of fabric that is typical of TDO’s offerings. The words “Bling Baby” were printed on a brown corduroy, along with images of diamonds, dollar signs and sparkles. On top of that was printed “Bling” in a cursive font. The whole thing is in-your-face and over the top and I realized it was perfect for money spell pouches. Alas, at the time I was on a strict budget and shopping list, so I could only take a photo of the fabric and leave it behind.

Bling! Fabric
The brown and white call in the influences of earth, while the gold and images call upon money and prosperity energies.

Now, with 2018 finally speeding past and into the distance, and with a new year upon us, I find myself thinking again of that fabric. The new year is a perfect time to set intentions and resolutions. It’s also a great time to perform spells to bring into being what you want for the coming year. With that in mind, I headed over to Spoonflower to find fabric suitable for prosperity and money spell bags.

Below are nine fabric designs that would work great in money spells. You could use them in spell pouches to be sure. But you could also make dream pillows to use them for dream work for prosperity. Other projects include wallets and purses of course. If you want to go a more subtle route you could carry a small square of the fabric that has been anointed with a prosperity oil with you as a talisman. If you are going to ask for a raise at work, add a bit of anointed fabric to your clothes, as a patch, button or beads to aid you in the request.

The nice thing about Spoonflower is that they offer 8″ x 8″ test swatches for $5. That’s just the right size for a small circle pouch, meaning you don’t end up with extra fabric you don’t need. You can also get it in various materials. You can buy one of the patterns below in a velvet which adds an extra layer of lush intention to your prosperity spell.

I’m going to make this a regular thing on the blog, focusing on fabric to use in spell pouches. That is one of the themes in my book Sew Witchy that comes out in August. As I’m impatient as all get out for the release date to arrive, I figure this is a good way to distract me. I’ll be collecting patterns for love and health bags. I might do a collection of goddess prints and nature. If you have a particular theme you’d like to see, drop a note in the comments an I’ll poke around.

No matter what 2019 brings for you I hope it is magical.

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