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Love spells have been a staple of magick since the beginning of time. Research any witchcraft or magical tradition in any culture and you’ll find a plethora of spells for gaining love, retaining love, recovering from a broken heart, and wreaking havoc on those who would spurn love.

In most of today’s magical practices it is accepted that working spells against the will of another is verboten.  Some even go so far as to state that such spells won’t work.  Some reference the three-fold rule.  Personally, as someone who has been victim to controlling partners, I’m not a fan of anything that tries to impose the will of one person on another.

That said, there’s a lot of other kinds of love spells one might want to work, and I have highlighted nine different Spoonflower designs below as suitable for your love spell crafty witchery.  You can click on the image to go directly to the page for the design.

I’ve mentioned before that Spoonflower is awesome for sewing witchcraft because they offer 8″ x 8″ test swatches for $5, which is a good size for a small pouch.  (As an aside, I don’t get anything from Spoonflower for these posts.  I just like the company and love the variety of designs I can find there.)

Aphrodite In Love Fabric
Aphrodite in Love by Sophie Norcott

This is a lovely design featuring an Aphrodite profile that we don’t usually see.

Cupid's Flower
Cupids Flower by ShelleyMade

You can keep your spell work secret, but still tap into the power of Eros with this pansy print.

Stupid Cupid Fabric
Stupid Cupid by Mira Garressus

Make a spell bag from this fabric if you are recovering from a bad breakup.

Cupid Fabric
Cupid* (Tomato Soup) by Amy Peppler Adams

This is a sweet, traditional design for a love pouch.

Arrows Fabric
Arrows and Watercolor Hearts Love Valentine Pink by Caja Wong-Chung

And if you want the heart and arrow motif in a larger, less orderly design.

Love Birds Fabric
Love Birds by Adena Jooste

Tap into word and avian magick for your love spell by using this design featuring paired birds.

ASL I Love You Fabric
ASL I Love You Signs in Bluebell by Christina Borrowman

Add another layer to your spell by including a nonverbal profession of love.

I Love You in Binary Fabric
I Love You – Binary B&W by Laura D

Once again, if you want to keep your spell work on the down low, why not use this design which features “I love you” in binary.

True Love Fabric
True Love by Studio Fibonacci

As a lifelong book and fantasy nerd, I couldn’t not include this The Princess Bride themed fabric.

For me, I imbue all the things I make for friends and family with loving energy.  I imagine my love encircling them when they wear something I’ve made for them.  I will also add cinnamon essential oil to the wool dryer balls to give my family’s clothes a protective love layer.  And I have a small box filled with fabric scraps.  The scraps are the bits and pieces that have come off of my children’s blankets or well-loved clothes.  Should I ever need to make a poppet for either of them, I can use the scraps therein.

There’s a lot one can do with fabric and sewing when it comes to love spells, is what I’m getting at.  Witch wisely.

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