Dress Like a Hedgewitch 2020 Patreon Course

I may have a thing for stickers.

I’m excited to announce my Dress Like a Hedgewitch course I’ll be running on my Patreon in 2020.  The above picture is the monthly syllabus.

The course starts off with foundation garments (petticoat and chemise), moves on to wardrobe items (like the walking skirt and tunic dress), and includes fun accessories (like the rectangular scarf shrug and the bustle).

All of the garments will include instructions on how to make them to your own size and taste. Trim and design options will be explored as well.

I’ll be including a monthly post for questions on the current project.

All of this is offered at the Shuttles tier which is $10 per month and includes access to all my Patreon content.

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