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I think it is a testament to just how busy 2020 has been that I haven’t made an official announcement about my next book. That’s right, I’m working to unlock the Two Time Author achievement. I’ve signed a contract with Llewellyn for a book on Hestia, household magick, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism an creating a welcoming sanctuary in a world that feels increasingly unsafe. The working title is Hearth & Home.

I’ve been working on it since January. The manuscript is due in mid May. It’s not going to be a craft heavy as Sew Witchy but there will be things to make, along with rituals, spells and a lot of advice on how to work with Hestia. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see snapshots of the research I’m doing.

As I’ve been a devotee to Hestia for a log time, I’m excited to be working on this book. And with the recent pandemic the topic of the book feels even more timely than it did when I first thought of it. I look forward to sharing it with you all in due time.

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