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I think it is a testament to just how busy 2020 has been that I haven’t made an official announcement about my next book. That’s right, I’m working to unlock the Two Time Author achievement. I’ve signed a contract with Llewellyn for a book on Hestia, household magick, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism an creating a welcoming sanctuary in a world that feels increasingly unsafe. The working title is Hearth & Home.

I’ve been working on it since January. The manuscript is due in mid May. It’s not going to be a craft heavy as Sew Witchy but there will be things to make, along with rituals, spells and a lot of advice on how to work with Hestia. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see snapshots of the research I’m doing.

As I’ve been a devotee to Hestia for a log time, I’m excited to be working on this book. And with the recent pandemic the topic of the book feels even more timely than it did when I first thought of it. I look forward to sharing it with you all in due time.

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Raechel Henderson

Raechel Henderson, she/her, is a dual class seamstress/shieldmaiden and a Pagan. She has been sewing professionally since 2008 and has traveled around the Midwest region selling her handmade bags, skirts, coats, and accessories at various events and conventions. Her book, Sew Witchy, is available from Llewellyn Worldwide

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