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Buttons, when used as fasteners, are associated with the element of Earth. They keep things together and secure. Tap into that energy to help you keep or strengthen your resolve.

This spell works best if the button is functional, but if that isn’t possible, add the button as a decorative touch or even in the hem or lining of the garment where it won’t be notice. Pick a button and thread that match the existent buttons (or you can even remove a button and sew it back on). If you are adding it to a hidden spot on the garment, you can choose a metal button to double up the earth energies of the button.

Sew the button onto a shirt or coat or any clothing related to the area where you need to strengthen your resolve. For example, if you need to keep your commitment to your education, add the button to your school clothes. If the issue has something to do with work, add the button to your work shirt. As you sew, say: “My resolve is strong / My resolve holds fast / By my will my resolve does last.” (Never sewn a button before? Check out this tutorial before you start.)

Whenever you don the article of clothing, touch the button and remember that you have a strong resolve to see you through life.

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