Spoopy Felt Skulls

Spooky cute is my Halloween aesthetic. Chubby checked ghosts, kittens dressed as witches, and all things spoopy are what I like in my decor and media. Not that I don’t have limits. I once had to nix Ben’s idea of Chibi Slenderman for a Halloween costume. Other than that, though, nothing is too cute. Thus is this week’s craft: spoopy felt skulls.

I used to make these felt skulls when I was sitting in my booth at events. The crafting kept me busy when traffic was slow and I’d drop the finished ones into a basket for sale.

This is a great little project to work on during a tea break. Make up several to gift to friends. You can play around with the facial features. I have used embroidery, buttons, even scrapbook brads to give my Skullies personality. You can make the skulls into barrettes, pins, charms or even altar decorations.

You don’t need much to make these spoopy skulls.


  • Felt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Stuffing or heavy duty craft interfacing (optional)
  • Small (3″ x3″) piece of lightweight fusible interfacing (optional)
  • Skull pattern pdf (click the link to download)


  • Scissors
  • Marking pencil or pen
  • Embroidery needle


1. Print and cut out the skull pattern.

2. Trace the skull pattern onto your felt. Tip: Since paper can slide around on the felt and it can be difficult to mark it, trace the skull pattern onto a piece of light weight interfacing. The adhesive dots on the fusible side of the interfacing will grip the felt. You can then cut around the interfacing.

Using an interface template makes cutting out the felt skulls easier.

3. Give your skull a face. You can embroider eyes, nose & mouth, or use buttons, scrap booking brads, or even markers to make the features.

4. Attach the barette or pin back. Depending on what kind of pin you are using you can either push the point of the pin post through the felt, or you will have to cut two small slits. Position the closure of the pin on the outside of the felts skull. For the barrette, cut a small slit, open the barrette, and slide the top arm into the slit from the outside of the felt. Close the barrette. Close the pin or place the pin back on the post.

Inside and outside views of pin and barrette placements on the back skull piece.

5. If using heavy weight craft interfacing cut a smaller skull shape to go in between the two felt pieces.

6. Place the felt skulls together, insides facing. Using 4-6 strands of embroidery thread and an overcast stitch, sew the skulls together along the outer edges. If you are adding stuffing, stitch 3/4 of the way before inserting the stuffing, and then finish the stitching. Finish with a knot, or by running the needle between the felt starting at one side of the skulls exiting the other end. Cut the thread.

The heavyweight craft interfacing gives the felt skull structure.

7. To make a charm of your skull use an awl or skewer to poke a hole through all layers and run a ribbon or a jump ring through the hole.

Make it Magick

Halloween and the sabbat of Samhain are both traditional times to honor and contact the dead. There are also the holidays of Day of the Dead, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. Depending on your path and tradition, adding a ghostly element to your altar might be appropriate.

You could make one of these felt skulls to decorate your alter and to aid in honoring your departed love ones. Fill the skull with dried marigold, heather or sage, all herbs with strong Samhain and Halloween correspondences. You can even add small pieces of jet, onxy or bloodstone. Consecrate the charm to aiding you in connecting to and honoring your ancestors. Or you can use it as a focal point to better understand the role death and spirits play in the spiral of life.

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