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I’ve written about taking a magickal approach to my mental health before. My rituals and spells aren’t meant to be replacements for but rather compliments to my medication and therapy. I keep all three seprated in my mind. The divide between them all might not be as big as I had thought, as I learned recently.

In chaos magick there are beings called servitors: astral/magickal creatures constructed to do tasks for the witch. How to create a servitor is beyond the scope of this post, and there are plenty of books that give more informaon on that aspect. This post is about how I used this concept to help my mental health.

A year ago I created one for myself: a birdlike creature that looks like a cross between a raven and an owl. Its task is to eat my obsessive thoughts. When I find myself dwelling on past issues, I call up on my servitor to swoop in and gobble the thoughts up.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned this to my therapist. I have been clear from the beginning of our sessions that I practice witchcraft and am a Pagan. I had said that if it would be a problem, she should say so and I’d go looking for another therapist. She has been very accepting of my work, in the same way she would be if I were Christian and turned to prayer to help with my issues. So, after a slight hesitation, I brought up the servitor and her reaction surprised me.

“That’s a form of detachment therapy,” she told me. I’d never heard of that term, so she explained it to me. I had an immediate, negative reaction to the whole idea. My Jerk Brain would never allow me to automatically reject negative or obessive thoughts. It insists that I unflinchingly face anything unpleasant, because the Jerk Brain wants to hurt, not help me.

However, putting a servitor, a creature that is outside of my head and body, in charge of those thoughts worked. It was interesting, and heartening, to hear that I was engaging in therapy through my magick. And I jsut thought I had found a clever way to work around my Jerk Brain.

I think there is more overlap between magick and therapy out there. I’m lucky to have an understanding therapist, supportive family, and my own desire to get better. If any of those were missing no amount of medication, therapy or witchcraft would work.

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