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I enjoy a good cleansing spell as much as any other witch. I love to waft smoke around a space, sprinkle salt onto the floor before sweeping, and even flick lemon rosemary water into corners. Cleansing is a an important aspect of spellcasting and, I feel, mundane cleaning. However, traditional types of cleansings aren’t always available or advisable. That’s when witches get creative.

For this cleansing spell all you need is a lint roller. The spell is meant to pull off any energies clinging to your clothes and is meant as a quick cleansing spell. It’s useful for events like interviews and meetings and can be performed both before and after the event. Use it before so you aren’t bringing any negative energies in with you. Afterwards, use it to remove any energies that might have attached to you during the event.

To start, hold the lint roller in your dominant hand and charge it as you would any other cleansing tool. If you are new to witchcraft, or don’t have a prefered method, center yourself and pull cleansing energy either from the air around you or the ground beneath your feet. I envision this energy as glowing white light. Once you feel the lint roller is charged use it on your clothes.

Start from the top of your clothes and work your way down to your shoes. Sense that along with any dust, lint and stray hair, the white light is collecting any negative energy that might be stuck to you. Once you have gone over your clothes, remove the sticky sheet from the lint roller and dispose of it.

One big advantage of this spell is that using a lint roller is so dreadfully mundane, no one will know you are using magick. It also is odor free (not something that can be said for smoke cleansing) which can be an issue for some people. And keeping a lint roller in a bag, briefcase or even your car is easy, especially with the smaller, compact lint rollers one can purchase.

What are your favorite ways to cleanse your space and yourself?

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