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2020 continues to be an upending year for me. Last month due to a disagreement with our housemates on the importance of mask wearing, social distancing and Covid-19 in general they broke the lease and moved out.

On the one hand this puts us in a very precarious economic situation: we now have to cover the full rent and utilities which is going to strain our already tight budget. On the other hand, however, we don’t have the stress of worrying about catching Covid through our housemates, and we have managed to move around out living arrangements so that they are much more pleasant. Specifically, I have moved my workshop from the basement into the second floor bedroom my son used to occupy.

This move is a bit of a game changer for me. It’s been years since I’ve had a space all my own. I’ve shared office space, had my workshop in the dining room and garage at times, and most recently I was in the basement. There I shared the space with my husband, as he was working from home at a desk down there, and my children, as we had the television and game console there as well. I didn’t really have a place to write: shifting between the kitchen table and my bed, and for the last couple of months a desk set up in our bedroom. Every place was one where I could (and was) easily interrupted. Honestly, it was a feat of sheer will that got my second book written.

The basement space I originally moved into. You can see how the lighting was suboptimal.

This new workshop area is also better lighted than previous spaces. Being a self-taught photographer, I’m always very self-conscious about my photos and lighting has always been a big struggle for me. I finally feel that I am in a space where I won’t have as many issues with lighting, which will make for better photos for tutorials. And the less time I have to futz with lighting, or wait for the perfect time of day, the more I can get done.

Look at all that glorious natural light!

It took about two weeks to get the workshop relocated, and I still have various bits and bobs down in the basement, but I have everything I need to get back to sewing and writing in place. I’ll move the rest up slowly over the rest of the year. I’ll be posting pictures of the space over the next few days here and on Instagram if you are interested. And this upcoming weekend I’ll be posting a short workshop tour video over on my Patreon to show off the space in all its glory.

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