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The winter solstice is coming up and this year I have actual plans for decorating and the like. In years past we’ve built a booktree. I wanted to do something special this year and have spent the last several months gathering together the supplies I need for it. I’ll be posting about that more in the coming weeks.

Today, however, I’m looking at various fabrics for some of my plans. The thing I love the most about Spoonflower is that you can find pretty much any kind of fabric design you need. It doesn’t matter what the project or theme, you are certain to find a fabric to suit. Case in point: I went looking for winter solstice fabrics and found hundreds of designs. Below are nine that really struck me as perfect for various holiday projects.

You can click on any of the designs in the gallery to be take taken to its Spoonflower page.

I think any of these designs would be perfect to make reusable fabric gift bags like the ones over at Apple Green Cottage. Or you could make cozy pair of pj pants following the tutorial over at Melly Sews. Or you could even make some quilted Christmas stockings from my tutorial over on Patreon.

Honestly, whatever you decide to make would look lovely in any of the above designs. Do you have any holiday makes planned for December? Comment below and let me know.

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