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This year has pulled me in so many different directions: writing The Scent of Lemon & Rosemary, helping my kids with remote learning, the death of my cat Jake, trying to keep from catching Covid-19, among so many other things. It’s surprising to me that I managed to write anything else, let alone the almost fifty blog posts (and fifteen plus articles for my Patreon).

Looking back, I can see where I started off slowly, a post or two a month, skipping May completely. But then around September the damns opened and I was posting on average two articles or tutorials a week. As someone who constantly struggles with feelings that I’m not productive enough, it is helpful to look over the year and see that I did, indeed, make things work.

I spent a few moments going through the stats for the year and made a list of the ten posts that had the most visits this year. They are:

It’s unsurprising that my most popular blog posts focus on the tutorials. I post them because I want to teach people ways to combine witchcraft with crafting to make a more magickal life. Seeing the traffic on those those posts means that I am connecting with some people.

I’m especially pleased to see that my articles on creating one’s own magick and using it to address mental health issues are getting attention. I’m not a doctor, and the help of a trained therapist is crucial to healing. However, I also see that there is space for magick to support that healing. I also know that talking about topics like depression and anxiety are still considered taboo. And yet, every time I have been open about my own mental health struggles I have heard from others about how it has helped them feel comfortable to seek out help.

I’ve got so much more to say on those topics and others. I have so many more tutorials that I will be posting in 2021. And whenever I run into those old feelings of not doing enough, I am going to come back to this post and see that, not only am I doing so much more than I think, that my writings are being read and shared and witnessed.

Thank you for being part of this site. Have a blessed rest of the year, and a bright and prosperous New Year!

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