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The month of February is named after the Roman purification ritual Februa. It is the shortest month of the year. Coming, as it does, after the excitement and promise of January, this month is like a cold shower. February is the jolt of reality after a fantasy; the harsh daylight after a night on the town. It is the Universe confronting us over all the grand plans we made during the new year asking if we were serious or just faffing about? It sounds harsh because it is, but it is also the necessary step we have to take when we want to change and grow.

Take stock

I mean this literally. Go through your magick tools and supplies and do an inventory. What herbs are you running low on or out of? What incense do you need to stock upon? How are your oil and candle supplies? Do you need more charcoal discs? Make a list of what you need and note when you’ll be getting them. Check over your crystals, tarot decks, altar, etc. Maybe you’ve been working with a new deity and need something to represent them on your altar. Or there are crystals you need for upcoming spells. Maybe you’ve always wanted a bejeweled, silver wand for ritual work. Whatever it is, now is the perfect time to make the plan to acquire it.

Make Plans

Now’s the time to make the plans to achieve the goals you set in January. Writing out a plan will increase the likelihood that you will achieve your aims. Set an hour aside this month to do the planning, whether what you want to do is magickal or mundane. If you want to start a garden, make a garden plan, order seed catalogs, or read upon gardening how-tos. Write out a project plan for your resolutions, breaking the work down into monthly, even weekly steps. Figure out how you can support your plan magickally by timing steps to the moon phases or planning out spells you can do to support your efforts. For example if your goal is to become more financially secure, plan out monthly moon prosperity spells, mark them on your calendar and gather any supplies you’ll need so everything will be ready for when it’s time for casting.

Practice in Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is one of the major holidays, being the second busiest florist day of the year (Mother’s Day being the first). Dedicate this month to showering yourself with some love. Charm your beauty & skincare products with loving energies. Make a rosewater toner to use on your skin as you tell yourself every day tha you love you. Recite affirmations to yourself while looking in the mirror. Sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee, eat chocolate, or make a dinner with lots of basil as a love spell for yourself. Take your meds, go to therapy, make doctor appointments, hydrate, and eat something that is good for you and make you feel good.

Purify Yourself and Your Space

One of the traditional rituals of Imbolc is to take a milk bath. Even if you aren’t willing or able to have a soak take a purification shower. At a minimum you can envision the water cleansing not only your body but your aura as well. Fill a muslin bag with seasalt and rosemary (mugwort or peppermint) and rub the bag over your body in the shower to purify yourself. Cleanse and purify your space by opening the windows for ten minutes to clear out stagnant energies. Or dance from room to room shaking bells and singing to cleanse your home. Give your bedding similar treatment by adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your wash. This will strip away all of the negative energies that have sunk into your blankets from nightmares or sleepless nights.

Deepen your Craft

Dedicate yourself to learning a new skill. Learn how to astral travel or how to read runes. Start keeping a dream journal. Spend the month pulling one tarot card and researching the deeper meaning of it. Find a PODcast, a Youtuber or a new IG account to follow. Check out books on witchcraft and paganism to learn new techniques. Stretch yourself.

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