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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while I am more interested in the day after (when all the candy goes on sale), I do understand the appeal of a day to celebrate romantic love. The upcoming holiday is what inspired this Celtic knotwork heart cross stitch design. (Click the link to download the pdf design.)

Celtic knots are said to represent eternity as they are made from one line that has neither a start or an end. This makes them especially symbolic when it comes to love, romantic or otherwise.

If you want to engage in a little sewing love magick, light some red or pink candles, burn some rose incense and put on romantic music. As you stitch this celtic knotwork heart design meditate on the the love in your life, or the love you want to bring into your life. You could even stitch this while working a self-love spell, and give it to yourself as a handmade valentine.

Don’t feel limited to the color noted in the chart. While the example above was stitched in cream Aida cloth in DMC 3689 you can switch up the colors to suit your mood and needs.

This would be a sweet accent piece to hang on a wall, or as a sachet that you fill with lavender and rose petals to nestle into your lingere drawer. Or make it into a jar topper for bath salts or bath bombs, love incense or any items you use for your beauty routines.

This design is 46 sqares wide and 40 sqares high, meaning you can stitch it in an afternoon or evening. It’s small enough that you only need a scrap of Aida cloth 4″ x 4″ in size. Use two threads of floss over 14 count Aida cloth.

However you spend the day, I wish you all the most loving and positive energies.

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