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March, the month that comes in like a lion but leaves like a lamb, is a time of duality. The Spring Equinox on the 20th brings to balance the dark and cold of winter with the light and warmth of spring. This isn’t a gentle changing of the seasons, though. Named as it is after the Roman god of war, Mars, this month is one of conflict. That doesn’t mean you should stay in bed and skip the month (metaphysically speaking). It means your magick is going to have extra “kick” and you need to make sure to ground all that action to keep your spells from burning out too quickly.

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time! After the last few months of staying indoors, warm and cozy, the home is going to be filled with stagnant air and energy. You need to throw open a window or two (or more) and get in some fresh air. Even fifteen minutes can do wonders for airing out a space. While those windows are open you’re going to cleanse the energies of your space with sound. This can be as simple as ringing a bell around your rooms. The jangle of the bell will break up any lingering, moribund energy; the better for the incoming fresh air to move it out. No bells? Play upbeat songs, the kind that make you happy and make you want to move. My personal go to for music cleansing is Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

Don’t forget the mundane cleaning: sweep and vacuum, dust, put away the clutter and wipe down the counters. If you have moon water, lemon or pine essential oils you can add them to your cleansers to work on the energies and magickal parts of your home. Give extra attention to talismans, magick pouches, altar space, spell jars, etc. that may need cleansing. 

Also, take the time to clean up your electronics: unsubscribe from those newsletters you never read, close those tabs that have been sitting open for months, and uninstall those apps that you aren’t using. With your dominant pointer finger trace the rune Laguz over the screen and back of your phone, tablet or computer visualizing, as you do so, the cleansing powers of the water rune clearing your device.

Fast Cash Spell

March’s energy is good for working money magick. Take advantage of that and the quick germination of peas (plus their prosperity correspondence) to bring in the money that you before the end of the month.

Place a penny in the bottom of a container (it doesn’t need to be fancy, a cleaned out yogurt container or tin can will work). Fill the container with dirt. Plant three pea seeds in the container and water them. As you do so say, “Three little peas that I once knew, grew me some money it’s true.” (Or words to that effect.) Tend to your peas, watering them when they are dry and placing them in the sun. The seeds will spout and grow. Once they are about an inch high you can harvest the sprouts and eat them (add them to a salad if you want). Money will come in the next few days.

Fighting Like a Lion

One of the reasons March is named after Mars is because it was the start of the warring season for ancient Romans. Battles couldn’t be fought during the winter and so they had to wait for the thaw to wage war. This energy can be harnessed for the battles one wages on a daily basis. Call on Mars (or another warrior deity such as Odin, Ares, Lugh, Athena, The Morrigan, etc.) to give you courage to fight your battles. Carry bloodstone to give you courage or to aid in overcoming obstacles.

This is also the time to perform magick to aid in the battles of others. Burn candle spells in support of BLM, Planned Parenthood, or any other organizations you support that fight for the opressed. Burn white candles for support, red candles to add vigor to their fights, and gold or purple candles to bring them succes in their efforts. Dress the candles with olive oil after carving the name of the orgazination into it. Burn the candle on three, seven or nine consecutive days for a span of five to fifteen minutes. While the cnadle burns, pour your energy and intentions into the flame, building the spell up and fueling your goal of supporting the institution. When the candle is spent, collect the leftover wax. Wrap it in a 9” x 9” square of white cloth and tie the bundle with white thread. Place the bundle at the bottom of a pot and plant a cactus or pothos over it. As the plant grows and thrives, so will your spellwork.

See also this Spell for Keeping or Strengthening your Resolve, to keep you strong for the battles ahead.

Sow So That You Might Reap

This month brings the “worm moon”. If you are a kitchen, cottage or green witch you probably already have your seeds bought, your potting soil read and your fertilizer on hand. Even if you aren’t already prepared there’s still time to hit up the local garden cetner to pick up seeds. Planting a few seeds, even just some greens or herbs can see the start of prosperity and abundance for your household. If you want to bring cash into your home consider planting basil, mint or thyme in a windowsill herb garden. 

Put the fertility aspects of March to good use by blessing your seeds, garden plan, pots and tools. Set them out on your alter after the new moon on the 13th. Annoint the packets with moon water and whisper to them your blessing and your desires for the seeds to grow into healthy, lush, productive plants. Hold your hands over the pots and tools and visualize white light pouring from you over them, charging them with helping you to grow a bountiful garden. 

Leave out offerings to the genus loci in return for their blessings for your garden. You might even make an offering of blessed water to the earth to ask for its aid in your efforts.  

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