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April is a month of growth, transformation, change, reconnection to the earth and joy. Take advantage of these energies to work your magick.

Blown Egg Fertility Charm

Spring, and especially April sandwiched as it is between Ostara and Beltane, are intimately connected to fertility. Plants, insects, animals and people are all in the mood to beget and multiply. This is a good time to work fertility magick for yourself, others, animals, plants, or whatever else you need to reproduce.

Make this charm during a waxing moon, especially on a Friday to tap into that day’s fertility energies. 

For this charm you will need:

  • an egg
  • a green ribbon
  • an anointing oil made from either geranium or pine essential oil added to a carrier oil like sweet almond
  • three grains of rice or three grains of wheat (both have fertility and prosperity energies and the number three is the number of growth)
  • a chip of garnet, green calcite and carnelian stone (if miscarriage has been an issue choose a chip of aquamarine in place of one of the other stones)
  • a slip of paper and pencil

Write your desire for a child three times on the slip of paper and then roll it up towards you.

Make two small holes at either end of the egg. Drain the contents of the egg out of one hole while blowing into the other. You will need to make one of the holes slightly larger so that you can fit in your spell components. Let the eggshell dry out.

Fill the egg with the spell components. Work carefully so as not to break the eggshell.

Anoint the charm with the oil.

Tie a green ribbon around the egg, covering the holes.

Place the charm beneath your bed (even if you are not trying to conceive yourself but instead through IVF or surrogacy).

Recharge under the next full moon and every full moon after for six months. If, after six months, a pregnancy hasn’t resulted, consult your preferred divination method to uncover potential obstacles.

Earth Magick

April 22nd is Earth Day presenting the perfect opportunity to work magick for the environment.

I have a ridiculous bit of spellwork I perform whenever a piece of ice slips out of the dispenser and shatters on the floor (which happens quite a lot). The shattered ice always brings to mind the ice shelf and glaciers that are melting away due to climate change. Upon seeing that I shout out, “Fuck you global warming!” 

It’s ridiculous because hexing an amalgamous entity rather than addressing its root causes is an example of witchcraft at its most ineffectual. Telling global warming to fuck off is akin to flicking a toothpick at Exxon headquarters. But the spell actually serves two other purposes. Firstly, it’s cathartic and secondly, it is empowering. The Earth is in major trouble, far greater than I, individually, can fix. No amount of using cloth instead of paper napkins is going to fix the mess. That knowledge can lead one to give up in despair. This spell reminds me that being a cursing, hexing, fuck around and find out witch means that the work is sometimes monumental and I don’t give up just because it is hard.

Add Magick to your Environmentalism

As always, though, the best magick is taking action. It doesn’t take much to add spellwork to physical work. For example, if you are cleaning litter from a parkway you can lay down blessings and protection spells to encourage people not to toss their trash at that particular location. Place a glamor on a trashcan so that people seek it out to dump their wrappers rather than just dropping them on the sidewalk. 

When making donations add sigils to the memo section of the check, or emojis to the message section if it is an online or app donation.  You can add the cash bag emoji to cement the intention that your donation spurs greater finances coming into the organization. Add a sun or moon to bring in those energies to the charity as it is fueled by your donation. Or just the sparkle emoji as a universal “so mote it be” sign. Emoji magick has been around for a while and is just the latest iteration in computer magic (the book e-m@gic by Amanda Craven was published in 2002 when phones weren’t yet “smart.”) 

You can do the same with letters and e-mails to your representatives or letters to corporations you are writing trying to get them to change harmful policies. 

Give Back Energy

This is a spell you can work at any time. Go outside where you can stand on the ground. Take several cleansing breaths, center yourself, and then send healing, loving energy into the ground beneath your feet. You can envision this energy as white or green light, or a sensation of warmth. If you sense your magickal energy in other ways, that is valid as well, just keep the sensation pleasant and caring. You are giving back to the earth which sustains and nourishes us. Approach this spell as you would one that you were working for a close friend. 

Make Magickal Compost

When seeds sprout they are torn apart by the seedling. Those seedlings are in turn nourished by the various materials that decompose, leaving nutrients in the soil. Change, growth and transformation all involve destruction on some level in nature. This is the month to embrace that cycle for any spellwork for change. Perform the following spell during the waning moon to make use of its banishing energy.

Gather together paper, pencils, a black candle, a fireproof dish, and matches (or a lighter).  Carve the words “Change” and “Growth” into the candle and then dress it with an anointing oil of 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil and benzoin essential oil (to increase your personal power) or clove or ginger essential oil (for the courage to change).

Light the candle while saying “By the heat of the flame it’s time for a change.”

On the paper write down what you want to leave behind. Whatever habits, mindsets, relationships, attitudes, thought patterns, anything and everything that no longer serves you and that you don’t want in your life any longer. Take time with this exercise, putting a lot of thought into it. Once you have made your list, read it out loud. After each entry say, “Thank you but no thank you, you have to go, I’m going to use your ashes to fuel my growth.”

Set the paper alight from the candle’s flame and put it into the heatproof dish. Let it burn to ash.

Take up the ashes and bury them in the soil of your houseplants. Tell your plants that you are giving them materials to turn into food and oxygen.

Snuff the candle and keep it for use later. If ever you find those old habits, etc. are creeping back in, perform the spell again. It can take time to be truly free of harmful thoughts and behaviors, so don’t despair if you need to perform the spell a few more times. 

If you wish more help with issues like obsessive thoughts or anxiety, consider creating a servitor.

Header image by Monsterkoi from Pixabay

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