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This post originally appeared on my Patreon March 12, 2021.

Last year I played around with my husband’s woodburning tools to make a set of runes from acorns. Ever since I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making some woodburned spoons for the kitchen. 

I do have two wooden spoons already, ones that I’ve owned for a couple of decades (you can see them in the last photo). They have their own character and energy that I didn’t want to disrupt. So, instead, I picked up a set of bamboo utensils from the store.

The symbol I chose is ostensibly the Greek sign for Hestia (or perhaps the Roman sign for Vesta). I didn’t spend a lot of time researching beyond half an hour on Google where there was enough consensus on the symbols’ meaning that I feel comfortable using it. 

It took me an afternoon to finish the spoons. The most time consuming bit was arranging the image on the spoons. It was a bit difficult to get it straight. I ended up tracing the image on freezer paper and then transferring it to the spoons that way. Then I cleaned up the lines before using the woodburner.

The result is not as “clean” as a practiced hand or more professional tools would create, but I’m pleased with it nonetheless. Working with Hestia can be difficult at times because there is so little lore and information about her. It means I have to get creative at times. Which, actually, isn’t a bad thing.

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