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April showers have brought May flowers, but that’s not all that’s popping up in May. The month is filled with energies related to personal growth and development, sex magick, gaining balance, healing, pleasure and faery magick. It’s thirty-one days overflowing with all the energy you could need to fuel a host of spellwork. Below are just a few ideas on how to make the most of the month, magickally speaking.

Get in Touch with Genus Loci

While May is closely associated with the faery folk, there are many other kinds of spirits who occupy various spaces all around us. Local spirits of a place, galled genus loci, can be found everywhere if you are willing to look and they want to be seen.

Research the history of where you live. The tales of the people indigenous to the area will give you an idea of what spirits reside in the land. You can supplement your research with divination and dreamwork. A pendulum can help with “Yes/No” questions such as: Are there genus loci living in or near my home? Are they open to me contacting them? For dream work you can use herbs like mugwort and crystals like amethyst slipped under your pillow. Before falling asleep, set the intention to dream about the local spirits. In the morning write down your dreams and look for clues there.

When dealing with spirits it is important to remember to be respectful. If you are rude the spirit will ignore you at best or target you with malicious pranks and bad luck at worst. Also, make sure to maintain strong, protective boundaries on your home and person if you are ging to work with genus loci. Not all spirits are friendly.

Fire Magick

Beltane bonfires light up the night sky at the beginning of tis month. Put flames to good use in your spellwork tis month. Perform candle spells, flame gazing, paper burning, etc.

Fire is good for spellwork that needs to take action quickly, for spells meant to destroy or remove obstacles, and those involving creativity and passion.

Passion Spell

For a quick spell to increase the passion between you and you lover(s), cut a heart out of red paper. Write your name and the name of your lover(s) on the heart.

Place the heart in a fireproof container. Sprinkle it with ground cinnamon and then set it alight. As the paper burns, say, “Our hearts alight with lust burning bright.”  Once the ash has cooled sprinkle it under the bed you’ll share with them.

Spark of Creativity

This spellwork is useful if you need to kickstart your creative juices. Get a seven-day candle. These are larger candles, poured into a jar. White is fine, although you can use an orange or yellow one (for creativity). The color is less important than the jar. The jar you are going to decorate to suit your purpose. 

Paint it, decoupage words onto it, use washi tape and rhinestones, whatever you want to create a vessel which is going to spark your creativity. Spend some time on this part of the spell. Get crafty with the glitter and glue and stickers

Anoint the top of your candle with citronella oil (for creativity) and light it saying, “My eureka moment comes to me, I am aflame with creativity.”

Sit with the candle for fifteen minutes or so watching the flame. Envision the flame mirrored in your mind, shining a light into all the places your creativity is stored and calling forth all the clever, imaginative and productive ideas that are stored there. After fifteen minutes snuff the flame. Repeat regularly, at least every month during the waxing moon, but really whenever you need a boost.  When the candle is spent you may get a new one and restart the process.

Dandelion Magick

My favorite flower in disguise, the dandelion has a fraught history in the United States. It was brought to the Americas by colonizers as a food and medicinal crop. The popularity of manicured lawns led to the plant becoming vilified. Thus dandelions are now a perfect symbol for pagans and witches: a plant that grows where it wants, uniformity be damned.

Despite being labelled a weed, dandelions are an important first food for pollinators and herbivores like rabbits. Their tender, young leaves can be eaten in salads, the older roots can be dried, ground and used as a coffee substitute, and the flowers can be made into a syrup, beer or wine. Dandelions’ uses aren’t limited to the kitchen. The plant has powerful magick energies.

You can decorate your altar with the flowers, dry the leaves to make a tea to drink before performing divinations, and make a tincture to add to food and drink to bring dandelion’s energy into you.

Make a Wish

Dandelions are associated with the element of air, making them useful in any spellwork that requires that energy. Simple wish spells can be performed with a dandelion head that has gone to seed. Hold the stem and breathe or whisper your desire into the seed head. Then blow on the seeds, scattering your wish into the wind. Keep one seed with you to guide your wished for intention back to you.

Grow Like a Weed

May magick energy is all about growth and development. Dandelions, with their “I’ll grow where I want” attitude are perfect to make a growth talisman. Dig up a large dandelion root. Clean it and let it dry. Once it has dried, use a pen to write onto it what it is you want to develop in your life–empathy, self-confidence, intuition, strength–whatever internal qualities you wish to bring into your life.

Keep the talisman near you. You can put it in a pouch or container to carry with you. “Feed” the talisman every full moon by bathing it with incense. 

When you feel you have manifested the qualities you were trying to develop, burn or bury the talisman with your thanks.

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