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This tarot bag is modeled after another one of my design.  The instructions to make that bag, originally called My Pretty Dice Bag, can be found in my book Sew Witchy: Tools, Techniques, and Projects for Sewing Magick.  

This iteration came about because of a request from a friend.  Randy asked me if I could make him a bag for his tarot decks.  He wanted there to be pockets to hold crystals as well. I’m embarrassed to admit that repurposing the dice bag to hold tarot cards didn’t come to me at first. I instead spent several weeks noodling around with various designs.  I guess sometimes you have to try to reinvent the wheel to realize that you don’t have to.

This bag will hold two standard sized decks comfortably, but could accommodate three decks easily.  The four interior pockets are 5” x 3” in size and can hold several crystals. One could fill the bag with a tarot cloth, a deck, and crystals for a mobile oracle bag.  

For the exterior use a medium weight fabric: cotton, silk, satin, etc.  If you use a lighter weight fabric you might want to reinforce it with a featherweight interfacing.  Use a lining fabric for the interior and pockets to reduce bulk.

My Pretty Tarot Bag Materials

  • ½ yard of fabric for exterior
  • ½ yard of fabric for lining and pockets
  • 1 piece of fusible craft weight interfacing 51/2” x 3 ½”
  • 2 11” long lengths of ⅞” grosgrain ribbon
  • 2 27” long lengths of satin rattail cording 
  • Matching thread

My Pretty Tarot Bag Tools

  • Sewing machine and needles
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Making pen or chalk
  • Bodkin or large safety pin
  • Iron

My Pretty Tarot Bag Instructions

  1. From the exterior fabric cut two squares measuring 11” x 11”.

2. From the lining fabric cut two squares measuring 11” x 11”, and two rectangles measuring 11” x 7”.

3. With right sides facing, sew along the sides and bottom of the exterior fabric using a ½” seam.

4. To create box corners: Cut a 2 ½” x 2 ½” square from the bottom left and right corners of the exterior.

5. Bring the side and bottom seams together and sew ¼ from the edge.  Stitch back and forth over the seams to reinforce them.

6. On the right sides of each lining square piece mark a horizontal line 5 ½” from the top.

7. Fold the lining rectangle pieces in half crosswise, wrong sides in, to make a rectangle 11” x 3 ½”. Baste the long edge ½” from the raw edges.

8. Match the bottom, raw edge of each pocket piece to the line on each interior lining piece.  Sew along the basting stitches.

9. Fold the pocket fabric up, covering the raw edge and press.  Mark a vertical line down the center of each pocket piece (5 ½” from each edge). Sew down each line, back stitching to secure the stitching.

10. With pocket sides facing, sew the lining pieces together along the sides and bottom using a ½” seam.

11. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create box corners in the lining.

12. Center the craft interfacing on the bottom of the wrong side of the exterior.  If you need to shave off a ⅛” from the length so that it fits inside the stitching, do so.  Place the fusible side against the fabric and press per manufacturer’s directions.

13. With right sides facing, insert the lining into the exterior.  Sew a ½” seam along the top opening, leaving a 3” gap for turning.

14. Turn the bag right side out.  Push the lining into the bag.  Press the top edge.  Edge stitch along the opening, closing the gap.

15. On the exterior mark a placement line 1” from the top.  Pin the grosgrain ribbons, top edge against the placement line with a ½” overlap on either side.

16. Sew close to the top and bottom edges of the ribbons, folding the overlapping ends under and flush to each other.  Sew back and forth over the ribbon ends to reinforce the seam.  Work slowly and take care not to catch the top edge of the pockets in the stitching.

17. With a bodkin or safety pin, thread one length of the cording through the grosgrain channels starting at one side, going all around the bag and coming out the same opening.  Repeat with the second length of cording in the opposite direction.  Knot the cording.

Your tarot bag is done. You can now fill it with your favorite cards and crystals.

If you end up making this bag, please post pictures in the comments. I would love to see your creations!

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