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The last Sunday in June I had my first experience at an event as an author. The event was the Chicago Witchcraft Expo, which is run by Nina Soul of the House of Spiritual Vibes

Due to the pandemic I had to scrap all of my plans for author signings and events after the release of Sew Witchy. Up until then, I had vended at events and had been able to tell people that my book was coming out soon, but it’s not the same as sitting behind a stack of your titles talking to people about what you wrote. Even better, I have learned, is the experience of having someone buy your book and asking you to sign it for them.

My setup was very simple, in contrast to the years I vended as a sewist. I managed to carry everything I needed–including the table and chair–in one trip from the car to the ballroom. Along with my books, I brought along several witchy themed pins, including the pride cauldrons I had designed. 

Pride cauldrons and witchy ID buttons, along with some skulls in hats.

The vendor next to me, Rose City Forge Designs, had amazing forged knives as well as wooden wands. The items that really interested me, though, were his resin athame. There were designs that incorporated botanicals and coins and other materia magica. They were all lovely.

About halfway through the event there was a spontaneous performance by a wonderful singer, Celeste, singing her song Take Me to the Rivers (Oshun). There were tarot readers, vendors of incense and candles and other pagan/witchy items, as well as lots of sparkly jewelry.

One of the highlights of the day was when I encountered Wycke and Blake, the operators of Malliway Brothers, a metaphysical shop in Chicago. I had reached out to them when Sew Witchy was released, something I had forgotten about. But they immediately recognized my books because they carry them and they remembered me reaching out. We had a great conversation and they invited me to the store to do an author event. 

In the end I sold nearly all the copies of the books I had on hand and several pins. Sales nearly paid for the booths for all three of the Witchcraft Expo events I had signed up for. More than the money, though, I drove home with this euphoric feeling that I am right where I am supposed to be, doing what I am meant to do. That sense of rightness is worth more than anything else.

Other Events

For the rest of 2021, I have several more events, some of them pagan/witchy and others of the more general nerdery variety. My schedule, so far, is as follows:

The schedule is subject to change as I might add more events. I am now actively looking for pagan and witchy events for 2022 where I can do more author related activities. For now, though, the above schedule feels good and manageable after nearly two years of not being able to vend.

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