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Last Sunday saw me back in Schiller Park for another Chicago Witchcraft Expo. It was phenomenal.

I had taken the time since the last one to get a little more prepared. That meant ordering business cards and more of my books to sell. The last was a big step for me. The books I had brought to the first event were contributor copies I’d received from my publisher. Money is tight and so I ordered only as many of each book to give me ten copies total. Even with the fifty percent discount that was a chunk of change that made my stomach tighten. I was sure, though, that I could sell enough copies to recoup the costs.

Along with the buttons–including some my daughter had designed–I brought some of the dice/crystal bags I had on hand as well as samples of the tarot bags from my online tutorial. They were meant to be examples of what one could make using the instructions in Sew Witchy and on the website, but there were folk who wanted to buy them and I wasn’t going to turn down money.

For the first time I brought along a money jar spell, which I set up right behind my signage. It’s funny because as a witch you’d think I’d be casting all sorts of spells on my booth, but I never have. In the past I would tuck prosperity sachets in the crates with my stock, and I always use green headed pins when I sew anything for sale. But I was usually so focused on getting as much stock made up and to events that I never had the brain space to think about magicking my booth. Seeing how I grossed nearly $150 more this time than the last, I’m definitely going to keep the spell on hand for future events.

While sales were good, talking about my books was even better. I will never, ever ever get tired of signing books. Not only did I connect with new readers, I met some people who had already read my books. One gentleman walked by, pointed at Sew Witchy, and said, “I love that book!” Interactions like that made the event a delight. By the time everything was over and I was packed up and heading home I was riding a high that no amount of traffic on I-294 could diminish.

This is what I’m meant to be doing. Writing has always been a part of me and I do it even when a book or blog post isn’t the end goal. Seeing how readers connect with what I write is gratifying and sustains me through my moments of doubt. 

Because income from writing is sporadic, getting back to vending and events is bringing a much needed influx of cash. This time the money was earmarked for our trip to Wyoming. Unfortunately, on Tuesday, my husband had a medical emergency. Not only did his medication and copay eat up most of the event money, but the doctor told my husband he shouldn’t travel right now.

It sucks to cancel a trip we’d already rescheduled once, but health comes first. With the increase of Covid cases due to the Delta variant and low vaccination rates it might be best that we don’t visit Wyoming right now. I’m not going to dwell on it too much. I am instead going to focus on writing and preparing for my August Events: Geekcraft Madison and Oddities & Curiosities in Chicago. No matter the setback I know I’m on the right path.

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