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Originally posted on Patreon March 19, 2021.

The book I’m working on now is a Wheel of the Year craft and celebration book. Each chapter covers one of the sabbats and includes altar designs, crafts, recipes and rituals. I spent three months on research and note taking. I’ll be spending the next month or so writing it.

Currently I’m working through the various recipes, thus the order of star anise and lavender buds pictured above. Many of the recipes that are already in rotation in my kitchen, but some–like the wassail and the lemon curd tarts–are new. The new recipes I need to play around with and tweak, which means I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. It also means I’ve been coming to my husband every few hours and saying, “Put this in your mouth.” It is a testament to his love for me that he doesn’t question when I say this. (Or, more likely he’s just used to my weirdness by now.)

My goals with these recipes are as follows:

  • That they are relatively easy to make
  • That they can be adjusted to accommodate various dietary concerns (can be made gluten free, vegan, non-alcoholic, etc.)
  • That they taste good

I’m about halfway through my testing. After the recipes have been proofed I move on to the crafts portion, which means I get to play around with some of the tools I’ve picked up over the last few weeks. In anticipation of this I spent a week cleaning out and organizing the garage so that I have a workplace where I can get a little messy.

Of course once the writing is all done, then it will come time for the photographs. I haven’t pitched this book to a publisher yet, and I have a definite idea of how I want it to look, so photographs are going to be key. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with taking photographs since the first days of writing Sew Witchy. I’m still at the mercy of the weather for lighting, though. Until we get out of March and its overcast days, photos will have to wait.

Until then, I’m headed back into the kitchen.

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