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April saw the beginning of my Wheel of Fortune year. I’ve discussed the idea of year cycles based on tarot archetypes before. It’s a concept I learned about from The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien. I’ve been paying more attention to them since 2017, not as a way to predict what will happen in my life, but to get a feel for what energies are present.

According to Arrien “Whatever was initiated during your Emperor or Chariot years comes to fruition or harvest during this year. This is a year of major breakthroughs, self-realizations, and deep commitment to turn one’s life in more fortunate, positive direction. It is a year of unexpected creative opportunities, unexpected monies or inheritances, and attainment of abundance through past efforts. It is a year of seeking opportunity and pulling unexpected rewards or harvest toward you. Reward comes from past effort!” 

My Chariot year happened in 2018, when I lost my house. Since that was the beginning of my move to Wyoming, I am working off the presumption that I will be finalizing this move and will finally end up in the mountains once again. The rest, well I have definitely felt the Wheel’s influence in those areas. 

I mentioned earlier that I seem to have leveled up. This new found sense of master is in direct contrast to my insecurities of years’ past. My assertions that everything is going to be okay are grounded in belief not hope. I know my situation is still precarious, but I also know that I will make it work.

Right now some of that confidence comes from the fact that my children are back in school. I do worry about them with the Delta variant running rampant and the low vaccination rates. That worry is balanced by the relief I feel to be able to work again. It seems strange to say that when I wrote The Scent of Lemon & Rosemary during the first half of 2020 at the start of the lockdown. That was a tough time, to be sure. As this pandemic has dragged on, though, my ability to function has fizzled out. I had to help with remote learning, keep house and be ready for interruptions at any minute. If nothing else, the Wheel’s turning has brought back my opportunity to write.

Whereas my Hermit year helped me deal with stasis, my Wheel of Fortune year is encouraging me to roll with the punches. I am trying new things, throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks, making plans and even dropping endeavors that no longer serve me. It’s not always about fortunes changing due to some higher power. Sometimes the change is initiated on the personal level.

Granted, this is a wheel, and like so many, the bad can come up as readily as the good. I still have months to go to see how this all plays out. I’m going to continue like my number will come up on every turn.

* Header image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

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