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October sees the final harvest. The last gleanings are brought in from the fields, the final fruits are preserved, and the larder is bursting, ready to see us through the cold months. It is a time of bringing things to an end and settling in for a time of rest and reflection.

The end of October sees Samhain. Following right on the heels of the sabbat comes All Souls Day, the Day of the Dead, and other celebrations that see the souls of those who passed in the previous year make their journey to their final resting place. Ancestors and loved ones are remembered and honored as the trees shed their final leaves and the frost starts to paint the landscape. 

Spend time this month exploring your psychic powers, scrying, dreamwork and other magickal work dealing with spirits and the otherworld. With the lengthening nights and the cooling weather the conditions are right for looking to your dreams for guidance and prophecy.

Bring things to a close or end

Now is the time to perform banishings and exorcisms, especially of your home. Burn dried rue over a coal and waft the smoke in each room of your house. Make sure to get into corners, closets cabinets and other spaces that don’t usually see a lot of activity. Rue has properties of exorcism, banishing and removing specifically harmful magick and malicious spirits.

You also want to look back on the spells you have cast over the year. End any that have run their course or haven’t brought about the result you wanted. You should also be discarding any spent spell components at this time. You can dispose of spell components by burning or burying them. 

Spell for Banishing Bad Luck

If you have had a run of bad luck try this transference and banishing spell to get rid of it. Collect a stone from outside. On the stone write “My bad luck” or similar words to represent what you are going to be banishing. Use a pencil or washable, non-toxic markers. 

Ground and center yourself. Take the stone in your receptive hand, holding your projective hand over it. Visualize the bad luck as grey, heavy energy that has been clinging to you. Gather up that energy and direct it through your projective hand into the stone. Keep visualizing the energy leaving you and attaching to the stone until you have transferred all of it over.

Take the stone to a body of water, preferably a creek or river although a pond or lake will do in a pinch. Place the stone in the water and say, “Take my bad luck away from me. Thank you.” Then walk away. Don’t look back. As the water washes over the stone and washes away the writing, it will also disperse the negative energy of your bad luck.

Ancestor work

Ancestor work can be tricky for many people. Some of us don’t have ancestors that we would want to have anything to do with. Some of us don’t know who our ancestors are. 

In these and other cases where working with our direct ancestors might be difficult, look to your spiritual ancestors instead. Create an altar to these idols, inspirations, and heroes who you feel a spiritual connection to. Connect through the attributes you see in them that you value and recognize in yourself, or that you want to bring into yourself.  

Don’t feel that you must limit yourself to human ancestors either. Pets, animals, and even deities or mythological characters can be treated as ancestors. 

Throughout the month of October take a few minutes each day to sit and reflect at your ancestor altar. Invite them into your life. Ask them questions. Make offerings of those things you think they would like. At the end of the month, during Samhain or on Halloween, set a place for them at your table so that they may partake in dinner with you.

Dreamwork Tea 

October is often a month associated with witches and magick. Part of that comes from Victorian concepts, such as the thinning of the veil, but there is some truth in the idea that this time of year is better suited for divination and dreamwork than other seasons. The passage of souls, the calling back to ancestors, turning inward and the settling in for a long period of time of rest and reflection all contribute to making this a good time for psychic work.

You can kick off your dream work with this tea from my book Sew Witchy: Tools, Techniques and Projects for Sewing Magick. The herbs all contribute to a receptive state of mind and promote psychic dreams. The recipe creates enough tea to last throughout the month.

To make the tea, mix the dried herbs together and store in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.  To use, steep one heaping teaspoon of the mix in boiling water for five minutes.  

  • ½ cup dried mugwort
  • ¼ c dried orange peel
  • ¼ c dried cinnamon chips
  • ⅛ c whole cloves
  • ⅛ c dried ginger root

Make sure your bed and bedroom are set up to be conducive to sleep. About fifteen minutes before you go to bed, drink your tea. Write down the question you have in your journal or a notebook then go to sleep. 

When you first wake up in the morning, write down your dreams in your journal. Don’t even leave the bed. Make sure to note not only what you dreamt, but how you felt in the dream, what you were thinking in it, and any sensations you had while dreaming. Later in the day you can read over the entry and look for the answer to your question. 

You can invite ancestors to visit you in your dreams and bring you any messages they might want to relay.

I have always found October to be my favorite month. The sense of magick and possibility is heightened by the crunch of leaves underfoot and cooler weather. If you are feeling crafty, consider making up a tarot bag to hold your decks. Or make up a sigil mug to hold your tea. However you decide to observe the month, make it magickal.

Header image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

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