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Traditionally, my vending season runs from April until November. Like with everything else Covid has affected that schedule. My first event this year was in June and my final one will be this Saturday. Vending during a pandemic is weird and stressful. Masking up, social distancing, dealing with the constant need to be vigilant, all of that takes a toll.

I don’t think people are ready for events, either. The largish conventions I worked were underwhelming traffic and sales wise. Even those shows that I had done great at before were struggling. On the flip side the smaller, niche shows were fantastic. The other difference was that I was at the smaller shows as an author and at the larger ones with buttons and leftover stock from my sewing days.

This season saw me working solo, in that my husband and kids weren’t in tow. I missed them when I was away, but I admit this is much better for all of us. There was still stress, but it was a different kind that was more managable. Still, Stephan is glad the events are over now. I’m also over the cheap motels with the too hard beds, broken door locks, and paper thin walls. The novelty of drinking $6 wine out of a plastic cup while watching Law & Order reruns has waned.

The door at least had a deadbolt, but I’m still giving this broken security latch the side-eye.

This truncated season was a good finale for my vending days. Moving forward I’m focusing on author and witchy events. If I can sign and sell books, great. I’d like to present or be on panels, even run more workshops. Without having to constantly vend, I can travel less, pick fewer events, and probably stay at slightly better hotels. (I’ll stick with the $6 wine, though. It was pretty good.)

With all that said, I’ve registered to attend the Sacred Space conference in January. I’m looking forward to meeting other authors and practitioners. And after a couple months of downtime I should be ready to interact with people again.

I only ever drink soda when I’m at events these days.
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