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I don’t read reviews of my books. While good reviews certainly make me happy, I tend to internalize the mediocre and negative ones more. I realized early on that it would be better for me mentally to not seek them out.

However, a few weeks ago a video popped up on my recommended feed in Youtube, that sent me down a rabbit hole. It was this video discussing The Scent of Lemon & Rosemary. After watching it I spent more time than I am willing to admit searching out other videos for my books. I found a couple more, and oh my Hestia was it nerve-wracking to watch them. The Youtubers were all very positive about the books, but that didn’t stop my gut from clenching, ready for them to start tearing into my writing.

I’m going back to not reading (or watching) reviews. If I am tagged on Instagram, I’ll check out posts, but I recognize that it would be counterproductive to spend time on sites like Goodreads. I do appreciate that people feel strongly enough about my writing, and I love reading messages from people who found the books insightful. But my Jerk Brain loves to prioritize criticism over praise.

If you are curious, though, feel free to click on the links and watch them.

As a bonus here is a video reviewing my book Sew Witchy.

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