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Easy Fabric Bookmarks

Easy to make bookmarks in no sew and minimum sew options that uses up your scrap fabric.

Growing up I collected bookmarks. Most of them featured unicorns and had soft tassels. I still have many of them, although they are currently stored away in various books as I don’t have space for my library. For the past couple of years I’ve been making do with paper bookmarks gathered from various bookstores, but, because I have the habit of reading multiple books at a time, I’ve run out of them of late.

While I haven’t resorted to using an iPad or toothpick to keep my place I have gotten tired of scrounging for receipts or scraps of paper. What I do have a lot of, however, is fabric scraps–so very many scraps of fabric–and that brings us to this week’s craft: fabric bookmarks.

New Book Announcement

I think it is a testament to just how busy 2020 has been that I haven’t made an official announcement about my next book. That’s right, I’m working to unlock the Two Time Author achievement. I’ve signed a contract with Llewellyn for a book on Hestia, household magick, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism an creating a welcoming sanctuary…